"I hate admitting this to him, because he'll enjoy it too much, but Jeo changed my life. He motivated me to get to the gym every day and to make it happen. I was intimidated by not being the best and hated the idea of foo-foo gyms, but Jeo had none of that. His training is real and tailored to your ability. He understands that it's as much mental as physical and supported me through losing 30 lbs and going from couch-potato to exercise-freak. He has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. His positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. Switching to a new trainer after 3-years was harder than any boyfriend breakup I've ever had. Regardless, Jeo still checks in on me! I'd recommend him to anyone looking to get strong, get motivated and get sweaty. He's the real deal!"

Jillian F.


"As a single mother in an extensive program, in nursing school. I had very little energy during the day. Despite eating and sleeping well, I was constantly fatigued at work and during school. Personal trainer Jeovanny Tovar at Red Line designed a personal total body workout to meet my needs. I was able to lose weight, gain muscle, and build a higher metabolism that enabled me to tackle my busy schedule. Since starting my fitness journey, I've never felt more motivated and driven physically and mentally."

Devorah T.


"Jeo was my favorite trainer of many I have worked with over the past 8 years. He combines boxing with strength training, he doesn't rigidly follow textbooks, he tailors to my needs, listens to me, designs my own program and makes each session so fun and so effective. Yet he really pushes me in the most earnest way and makes sure I can do just a little more than what I thought I could do. Himself is down-to-earth, honest and caring, a really nice guy, and it was a pleasure to become his friend while training."

Aisling S.

"During my journey of physical training, I've had success and I've had failure. In seeking out my current training goals, I sought someone who could bring me to that next level, physically and mentally. My current regimen designed by Jeo has not only challenged my mental and physical toughness, it has made me stronger in both area. Furthermore, I have been able to carry this over in my everyday life's challenges."

A. Quarles

“I started working with Jeo in the summer of 2012 - I was the unhealthiest I had ever been and was just looking to get back into exercising again. I never thought just a few years later I would be in the best shape of my life, and even have a sanctioned boxing match behind me. Something I could never have done without the training, knowledge, and support from my trainer. Jeo uses his extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning techniques combined with his real-life experience, to help his clients not only meet their goals but to go above and beyond their goals. He knows what his clients can achieve and he is able to customize each and every work out to make sure they get there. 30+ pounds lighter, I feel better about the way I look than I have in 25 years and I can’t thank him enough!"

Lindsey F.