The number one reason why people seeking to make a change fail in achieving their fitness goals is time. Most of us (myself included) simply don't have enough time to get to the gym 5 - 6 times a week while balancing work, school, and children. We shouldn't feel like we have to sacrifice time with our families, or continued growth because we fear we will gain weight if not burning calories in the gym EVERYDAY.

This is why I developed my "12 Weeks to Lean" body transformation program, this provides a plan that WORKS.

Now you're probably thinking - Online doesn't work for me! It probably doesn't if you're just following along random exercise videos. This is different. This is COACHING. Not the coaching that takes place when counting your reps, or watching your squat form - but the quality coaching that provides support with nutrition, and new habits, placing you with the right amount of accountability outside of exercise. As we build a routine based around your quality of life, delivering workouts, and proper nutrition, you'll learn that weight loss actually has less to do with what goes on in the gym, and more with what's going on in your life.

Let's eliminate the confusion and gain your freedom back.

This is what I can deliver!

Key benefits include:
  • Customized workouts for YOUR GOALS.
  • Effective nutritional habits for YOUR LIFESTYLE.
  • Constant communication about YOUR PROGRESS.
  • Workouts that fit YOUR SCHEDULE.
  • A trainer that understands YOUR NEEDS.
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"He has been there with me in a constant battle, throughout every move. Now I'm living in another state and he's still continues to keep me accountable through his online program. I feel like all the results I have seen is because he's pushed me to my limits."

Sara T. Providence, RI

Online Client Results

Online clients with tremendous results.

What is all this?

For less than the price of a personal trainer package in your local gym (who is probably not as nice as me) you can become my online transformation client.

How does this work?

After an extensive conversation between us, which will help me help you and therefore help us in figuring out what it is that we're looking to accomplish. We will put together the perfect plan to help your goals become real.

How is this different? 

I'm actually a real life trainer (just throwing that out there) and I have witnessed many clients get nowhere even with a trainer right in front of them counting their reps and uttering the occasional "great job!" phrase that we all just love to hear. At times I was that trainer and those were my clients!... My clients were definitely working hard in the gym but something wasn't adding up. I wanted a way to help them with food and also in building better habits. This is when I decided to take my clients training away from ONLY face-to-face and bring it ONLINE.

Don't I just need to do a lot of cardio? 

If you are still thinking all you need to lose weight and look fit is just exercise, you're wrong. If you think you NEED a gym with all the pretty, bright colored semi-glossed painted machines you're wrong... again. It's time to get with the program (pun intended) - My program.
Let's start building towards the body you want, with the time you have, and along the way I'll coach you on how to keep it.

This is not a one sheet pdf program filled with core exercises and juice recipes.

I customize the workouts according to you. You will be able to step in the gym and know exactly how to conquer your training session. Working out at home? Workouts will be modified according to what you have available (you'll be golden with a pair of 12lbs dumbbells).
I customize the process according to you. There's no point in looking sexy if you can't enjoy life. You don't need to be in the gym every day of the week, you can attend cookouts, birthdays, turn ups and still keep your results. I'll give you the tools on how to maintain a healthy balance and live your life!

It's time to start something different!

If you're interested and want more information please fill out the application below and we'll get in touch.

Make the choice today, that will make a difference forever.